About Us


The American Rugby Pro Training Center was founded in 2014, with the ARPTC Foundation established in 2017. Our mission is to develop female rugby players and the community through effective, purposeful coaching & leadership. We are the only center in the US that offers full-time training for women’s rugby. We hope to continue to be the best high performance development rugby program for women in the USA. 

Our Program Areas


Coach Education

Providing online and in person coach education and development to the coaches across the country in Youth, High School, College, Senior, and Elite Levels.

Qualifications: Host national certification clinics for all coaches in the union to develop their resumes
Assessment: Provide constructive feedback on an ongoing basis as part of their development
National Team Shadowing: Give academy coaches the opportunity to shadow national team coaches
Coach Education Programs: Provide coaches with online continued professional development and education

Community Engagment

Giving back to the community by running youth and HS teams, clinics, camps, and rugby days for players to be involved with and develop their game outside of their normal club enveronment, brining local communities and people together.

Skills Clinics: Host clinics for local clubs and players to improve their skills sets
Mentoring Program: Invite regional coaches to shadow to improve their own coaching practice
Camps: Host camps for high school players and coaches to help development of youth programs

Elite Player Development

Developing the best players across the country helping them or their journey towards representing their country or towards gaining international USA Caps. Focusing on domestic and international tours to give players the best experience they can have while developing their craft.

National Tracking Camps: Identify possible world class/national talent
National/International Competition: Provide players the opportunities to perfrom at the top stage
National Team Placement: Promote players to national team environments and opportunities

Highlights through the years

2014 – Founded in Little Rock, Arkansas

2015 – Won the USA National Championship

2016 – Helped train & develop the USA Olympic team

2017– Traveled to our 1st international tournament

2018 – Won the international Ireland 7s tournament

2019 – Developed a High School residency program

2020 – Developed a safe extended COVID program for 6 months

Current USA 15s Pool Players

Hallie Taufoou
Saher Hamden
Olivia Ortiz
Neariah Persinger

Allie Schrenker

Full International Caps

Jessica Wooden

Ashley Perry

Hunter Griendling

Neariah Persinger

Current USA 7s Pool Players

Summer Harris-Jones
Jasmine Gray
Alex Wantlin
PK Vincze
Salote Tausinga

The Land

ARPTC is unique in that we have three full rugby pitches to use year-round. The land is situated on 34 acres, with 20 acres cleared just for the pitches. We’ve also utilized the surrounding forest by clearing walking paths available 24/7. A pavilion, shed, meeting room, pump house, and a gym are accessible as well.