ARPTC Training Qualifications

ARPTC is focused on providing athletes a pathway to the podium, allowing them to become world class Rugby Sevens contenders on the national and international stage. Participants in our programs will be selected by our coaching staff. Players must be recommended and adhere to all 'General Criteria' in order to be considered.

General Criteria to be Considered as a Participant:

*All ARPTC participants must adhere to the following in order to be considered for any ARPTC program.

  • Must be a US Citizen with the ability to hold a valid passport
  • Provide proof of CIPP Registration and valid health insurance
  • Agree to Player Code of Conduct

          Upon Selection & Arrival at ARPTC

  • Pass an intake physical
  • Sign Player Code of Conduct
  • Sign Training Contract (Parent/Guardian sign if under 18)
  • Pay program fee in FULL

Participants may be selected for Rugby Sevens tournament events both nationally and internationally. 

How To Be Considered

Coach Recommendations

Current or former coaches can recommend a player or players for selection to an ARPTC training program. This is the BEST option for program selections. To recommend a player, click 'Recommend a Player' and fill out the recommendation form.

Non-Coach Recommendations

If you don't currently have a coach and want to be considered for participation you may self-recommend or have another adult recommend you by filling out out the form under 'Non-Coach Recommendations' on the right side of this page. 

Non-Coach Recommendations

Coaches can recommend a player by clicking the button below to complete the online form. 

(501) 945-4710

Our Focus is To Train and Coach High Level Athletes Up to the Highest Levels of Play

CIPP stands for Club Individual Participation Program. 

American Rugby Pro Training Center is USA Rugby sanctioned. CIPP is USA Rugby's third party liability insurance coverage that comes with a USA Rugby membership. This insurance protects you and our programs from lawsuits that may arise from accidents that occur when playing and training in our programs. This is not medical insurance.

In order to participate in our programs you must be CIPP registered which will require a USA Rugby membership. Below is how to apply. After applying you will be given a membership number. *Follow this link to USA Rugby's Membership Registration page. CIPP Registration
*Follow instructions for 'Current/Former' USA Rugby Member or 'New' USA Rugby Member

Fee breakdown can be viewed here as well as additional benefits of CIPP Registration

NOTE: If you already have a membership you don't need to re-apply. If you are renewing a membership please Renew your previous membership instead of creating a new one.

CIPP Registration

If you're not a coach, but want to recommend yourself or someone else fill our the form below.

Coach Recommendations