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Immersion Week Application

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ARTCP will contact you to find the perfect week for your training!

An Immersion Week includes the following: 

  • 6 rugby sessions per week (individual and team training sessions)
  • 4 strength and conditioning trainings per week
  • Access to a Licensed Physical Therapist
  • Access to a Certified Nutritionist
  • Opportunities to improve specific skills outside of training sessions

Immersion Week Fee Due 2 weeks prior to selected training dates. 

Experience what it's like to be in a full-time environment!

Anyone with a desire to learn Rugby is welcome to participate!

Payment Options

Immersion Week Includes the following:

  • 6 Rugby Sessions per week
  • 4 Strength & Conditioning Sessions
  • Access to Physical Therapist & Nutritionist

A Special Rate!

Only $250.00/week

Price includes accommodations and

transportation to/from airport. 

Price does not include airfare.

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Dates will be determined upon receiving application.

Immersion Weeks allow players to join other full-time training athletes in an environment suitable to your training level. Immersion Weeks offer flexible scheduling to schedule them on their own time, and to live and train with other players who are operating in a full-time environment.

Immersion Weeks are a great way for players to develop and strengthen rugby skills, get a taste for training like a full-time athlete and receive high-level strength and conditioning access, physical therapy and nutrition advice.

What To Expect

Immersion Week

Immersion Week