Ellie Karvoski, Strength and Conditioning Associate & Coach

Ellie brings experience as an international calibre player and coach to the ARPTC. As a seven year member of the USA National Team, Ellie brings elite athlete experience to those training at ARPTC and knowledge of cross-over entrance to the sport of rugby. Her background as a National Team field hockey player and collegiate coach offer ARPTC athletes a comprehensive understanding of the strong athletic mentality necessary to build rugby power. 

Lisa Rosen, Technical Analyst & Coach

Lisa brings an array of coaching, education, and technical expertise to the ARPTC team. Her decades of experience as a nationally ranked coach, coach educator, and technical analyst strengthen ARPTC members in continuous growth and development. Lisa offers game analysis through computerized coding that athletes utilize to enhance their on-field performance.

Laura Cabrera PT, COMT - Licensed Physical Therapist & Coach  

Laura specializes in training athletes in performance enhancement, injury prevention and restoring functional ability. As a former USA National Team member, Laura coaches rugby with a focus on proper body mechanics for running, agility, and tackling. As a physical therapist, Laura rehabilitates individuals from World Cup athletes to chronic pain sufferers. Laura offers a wealth of on and off field knowledge, support, and direct coaching to ARPTC athletes in training. 

Sean Ross, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Sean is the sole and notable strength and conditioning coach at ARPTC. Owner of Ross Strength & Speed in Little Rock, Sean brings his experience as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and USA Weightlifting Coach to the athletes training on site. As an international lecturer, Sean's experiences in the field go beyond the gym and enhance his abilities to connect with and train athletes from high school to National Team level.

Hannah Field, Coach

Hannah brings to ARPTC in-depth knowledge and experience about the game of rugby through her illustrious career on the pitch and her dedication to empowering athletes as a couch. A rugby player since a young age, Hannah earned her way to international play as a representative of the England National Team. Hannah brings her experience together with her strength as a coach to the athletes training at the ARPTC.

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ARPTC Coaching Staff

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Mere Baker, Coach

Mere joins ARPTC with a strong background both on and off the rugby pitch. After Mere's prominent playing career in New Zealand, boasted by multiple National Championships and much international prestige, she began her dominant coaching career developing and leading teams around the globe. Mere has coached internationally for over a decade and offers ARPTC athletes technical specialties to advance their game. 

Dr. Julia 'Jules' McCoy MD, Head Coach  
Jules is the Founder & Director of ARPTC. She has an extensive career as a player and coach, including over a decade of Assistant & Head National Team Coaching experience. Jules brings her background together with ongoing coach development to create the unique player centric program at ARPTC.